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  • What I’ve read in December 2022

    Blog articles I have been reading in November and love to give kudo’s to:

  • What I’ve read in November 2022

    Blog articles I have been reading in November and love to give kudo’s to:

  • Use hardware transcoding, on an Intel NUC, running Plex in an unprivileged LXC container

    This post is still in draft. I used to run Home Assistant supervised on a Intel NUC. It ran Debian, and apart from Home Assistant I also run a few Docker containers (Resilio Sync, Plex, ..). However, as I kept getting more warnings that my supervisor was in an unsupported state, I knew it was…

  • What I’ve read in October 2022

    Blog articles I have been reading in October and love to give kudo’s to: When imperative is better than declarative in React by Andreas Roth. A Bullet-Proof Approach to Storing Sensitive User Data in React Native by Marcel Kalveram. Stores: Making State Global Without React’s Context API by Max Yinger. AHA Testing 💡 by Kent…

  • My Typescript mistakes

    Coming from a typed background (C#, Java and Kotlin), there were quite a few mistakes to be made when first starting React Native development in 2017. And oh boy we did make them 😆. We actually started using Flow (a static type checker for Javascript) right away, as it seemed to be the most mature…

  • Automate your Android build code

    Just like many roads, bring you to Bruges, there are number of methods to update your Android build code. If I hear you think; “Android build code, what’s that again?”, let’s explain shortly. Every android apk or aab you make, has a version name and a version code. While the version name can be any…

  • Enabling Android 10+ apps to Wifi connect

    Before Android 10, the api to make your smartphone connect with a Wifi network was open for any app to use. Because of this, it was easy for apps to connect with IoT devices through a temporary Wifi network created by the device. There were however some quirks to take into account, and a library…


    As a devoted kiter, I’m always checking the wind forecast. aggregates multiple data sources (Meetnet and OpenWeatherMap) into a fast mobile first website. It’s built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel. The code is open source 🎉! Happy kiting!


    My mother makes awesome pottery. Beautiful crockery, flower pots, ornaments, essential oil diffusers and more. I’ve made her websites that showcases pictures around 3 topics: workplace, gallery & garden. Have a look! The headless website is built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel. Pages, pictures & posts are managed in WordPress and exposed via GraphQL ♥️. Uses Tailwindcss to style the website and making sure it…


    Vallei van de Zuidleie, a website for a local nature reserve in Oostkamp, featuring great content and stunning pictures. Built with WordPress and welcoming 12 000 digital visitors each year.